Rates & Fees

One of the biggest concerns in hiring a lawyer is how much it will cost. At Johnson Employment Law, we know it is important to address that issue immediately. Fees and costs will vary depending on the nature of your specific case, but we have set forth the basis for how Johnson Employment Law charges it’s clients.

Hourly Fees: Johnson Employment Law usually charges for services on an hourly basis, meaning you pay for services at an agreed-upon hourly rate.

Johnson Employment Law’s hourly rates are competitive with those offered by larger firms. By operating under a business plan that avoids the accumulation of overhead and operating expenses that larger firms must pass onto their clients, Johnson Employment Law is able to provide top quality legal services at competitive cost-effective rates for a wide array of clients.

Flat Fee Basis: Where services are to be performed on a flat fee basis, Johnson Employment Law agrees to complete a project for an agreed-upon amount as defined in our engagement letter. Unless the scope of work is expanded at your request, or as a result of unforeseen circumstances, you pay only the agreed-upon fee.