In November 2012, Price is Right Model, Brandi Cochran, won a law suit against The Price is Right Productions and Fremantle Media North American, after she asserted she was discriminated against and the victim of wrongful termination after becoming pregnant with twins. The jury awarded her $777,000.00 in lost earnings and another $7 million in punitive damages.

In March 2013, an appellate court ruled that the trial judge did not provide proper jury instructions and the case will now be re-tried. Cochran’s attorney said he expects the damages to be even higher at the new trial.

Employers are required to comply with California’s Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) forbids discrimination based on pregnancy with regard to any aspect of the woman’s employment including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff training or benefits such as health insurance.

If you are a California employer and have a pregnant employee, you want to make sure you are mindful of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act to avoid unnecessary exposure. Contact Johnson Employment Law to make sure you are in compliance with the law.