Practice Areas

Johnson Employment Law is devoted to navigating California’s labor and employment laws and guiding employers through compliance to ensure your business thrives in today’s competitive market.

Johnson Employment Law Practice Areas

Workplace Investigations
Under Federal law and California law, when an employer receives an employee’s complaint of harassment or any other unlawful employment practice, an employer has a duty to take prompt action to investigate and, if warranted, correct the behavior. The investigation of claims of unlawful behavior has repeatedly been found to be one of the best “reasonable steps” an employer can take to prevent illegal activity from happening in the first place. Inspecting workplace issues and correcting unacceptable behavior is also the best way both to remedy problems and avoid future legal liability. Brenna Johnson is a certified workplace investigator and is experienced in conducting workplace investigations for private employers and government agencies. Ms. Johnson responds quickly to client needs, exercises discretion while investigations are underway, and takes pride in providing timely reports on her factual findings. You can trust Brenna Johnson to uncover the facts.
Brenna Johnson provides Sexual Harassment (AB 1825) training and MCLE presentations to attorneys and paralegals regarding recent developments in California and Federal employment law. Assembly Bill 1825, (California Government Code 12950.1) mandates that employers who do business in California and employ 50 or more employees provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to supervisors located in California at least once every two years. The training must be conducted via “classroom or other effective interactive training.” Ms. Johnson engages and challenges employees to learn, appreciate, and implement mandatory California policies. It is imperative that you and your managers understand the gray areas, as well as, obvious sexual harassment situations and to understand the responsibilities of being a “supervisor.” In California, supervisors has a broad definition. Anyone that has the authority to direct other employees may be enough to classify that person as a supervisor. Employers are strictly liable for unlawful harassment of supervisors, even if the harassment was unknown by the employer. Ms. Johnson trains employers to see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that may be just a lapse in good judgment.
Human Resources & Risk Management Consulting

Johnson Employment Law provides reliable Human Resources consulting, including drafting and implementing employee handbooks and policies, performing audits, and counseling employees. Johnson Employment Law’s human resources consulting is performed by attorneys, thereby creating an attorney-client privilege that other Human Resources consultants can not offer.

  1. Employee Handbooks Johnson Employment Law can create the perfect employee handbook for your company or update your handbook to reflect changes within your company or changes in California law. A well-drafted employee handbook encompasses the entire range of legal issues arising in the workplace. Every business has its own particular culture, values and personnel practices, so no single set of inclusions will suffice for all company handbooks. Oftentimes, employers include arbitration clauses in their employee handbooks, without realizing these are not enforceable under California law unless drafted properly. Make sure that your employee handbook is up to date and all provisions are enforceable.
  2. Employment Law Compliance Audits Johnson Employment Law is focused on reducing clients’ exposure and Ms. Johnson is experienced in risk management assessment. Frequently, California employers have a hard time properly classifying their employees as exempt or non-exempt due to the ever-changing law in this area. California meal and rest break laws have also recently changed. You can trust Ms. Johnson to properly audit your company to make sure you are in compliance with all California laws.
  3. Policy Matters Johnson Employment Law is experienced in drafting and assisting companies in setting forth their discrimination and harassment policies, leave policies, grievance and disciplinary procedures, vacation policies, housekeeping matters, and payroll practices.
  4. Hiring Johnson Employment Law assists companies with hiring and recruiting practices, including applications, offer letters, job descriptions, executive compensation and employment agreements, proper classification of exempt/nonexempt employees, independent contractor arrangements, recordkeeping and required filings.
  5. Severance Agreements Trust Johnson Employment Law to draft a clear and concise severance agreement and release that can withstand the test of litigation and protect your company. Johnson Employment Law can also assist you when it is time to reduce your workforce and avoid litigation.
Employee Representation
Johnson Employment Law also represent individuals who have claims for: wrongful termination; sexual harassment; discrimination; and wage & hour violations.